You ready? PTP Rush is on!

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2 min readMar 3, 2022


Our PTP Rush Program has begun! Boosted emissions for staking xPTP will last until 3 million PTP have been converted on our site.

You like 4-digit APRs? So do we 😈

For PTP Rush we’ll be heavily incentivizing converting PTP on our platform and then staking it as xPTP.

What is PTP Rush?

It’s our incentive program for converting PTP to xPTP on — We’re using our bonus emissions of VTX for xPTP stakers until 3 million PTP have been converted.

💰 The earlier you convert, the better the rewards!

PTP Rush will help us build our PTP stockpile, which will earn us more vePTP, increasing our boosted yield for our stablecoin depositors. The more depositors we have, the more fees we accrue for xPTP stakers & VTX stakers/lockers. This is how the flywheel begins.

How can I participate in PTP Rush?

Participating in PTP Rush and earning 4 digit APRs is easy.

1. Grab some PTP
2. Head to
3. Convert your PTP and then stake your xPTP

What can I do with xPTP?

Make sure to stake your xPTP on our site to start earning VTX rewards along with 71% of our protocol revenue in the form of PTP.

Need to get some PTP back later? No worries! We have an incentivized liquidity pool for xPTP/PTP on Trader Joe. You can swap that xPTP out for PTP at anytime. 🤝

How long will PTP Rush last?

🏃‍♂️ You better rush on over to — the earliest stakers earn the most rewards, and the the bonus boosts from PTP Rush will stop once 3 million PTP are converted.



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