xQI: Revolutionizing Real Yield on Avalanche

Vector Finance
2 min readNov 16, 2023

The Vector Finance team continues to build game-changing DeFi strategies on Avalanche. Today we’re proud to preview our latest development in the realm of earning real yield: our xQI program developed in partnership with BENQI.

Bears are for Building

Come bear or bull the Vector team has been actively enhancing our platform and aggregation programs. We’ve leveraged time during the bear market as an opportunity to strengthen our foundation and prepare for the future growth of Avalanche, liquid staking tokens, and real yield DeFi strategies.

Real Yield and Its Importance

Opening up real yield opportunities to our users plays a crucial role in our DeFi strategies. Real yield isn’t dilutive, is sustainable, and returns value to those that support Vector. Focusing on real yield ensures that our ecosystem remains robust and that our tokens like zJOE, and upcoming, xQI, hold value over time.

What is xQI?

xQI, developed through a partnership with BENQI, is a new offering designed to maximize the potential of QI tokens in the Avalanche ecosystem. It represents a unique opportunity for our users to engage with a sophisticated yield-generating mechanism available through AVAX staking and delegated rewards.

The Mechanics of xQI

The xQI program is a first of its kind on Avalanche. For it we’ve built our own AVAX nodes for staking and earning rewards, and a unique aggregation system to power those up via delegations. The xQI program allows users to convert their QI tokens into xQI on the Vector platform. These tokens are then used within BENQI to earn veQI forever, offering increased rewards and potential governance power. The earned veQI is used to strategically delegate AVAX to our nodes, generating rewards for our xQI stakers.

Vector Finance is excited to fully unveil xQI soon with complete details, our launch date, and more. Keep an eye on our social media channels for these updates, and don’t miss our upcoming Twitter Space with BENQI on November 21st at 7PM UTC, where we’ll dive deeper into this exciting new program!

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