Vector Project Roadmap Update

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4 min readFeb 17, 2024

Welcome Vectorians!

This update outlines our immediate plans for the future, including the deployment of xQi upgrades, evaluations of current partners, and further development of our integrations with blue chip teams building on Avalanche (like Merchant Moe). We are taking steps to improve Vector’s attractiveness to new users and refine our current functionality, ensuring a sustainable and smooth experience for everyone.

Vector is not just adapting to market changes to survive; we’re actively shaping the products to meet our community’s needs so we can thrive. Our roadmap is a clear indicator of our direction — toward a simpler, more user-friendly protocol with clear value adds. We appreciate your patience in the time it takes to explore new paths for your product suggestions. Keep them coming!

Tl;Dr: By expanding the xQi program and supporting it with strategic buybacks, we’re enhancing the protocol’s resilience and yield potential. Similarly, our updates on xPTP and zJOE emphasize our ongoing efforts to adapt to market dynamics and user needs, ensuring Vector remains a leader in DeFi solutions on Avalanche.


xQi program is a product created by the Vector team with the support of BenQi and in which the team ultimately has trust in.

A more detailed update on the xQI program will be released next week. Let’s focus here on the development next steps :

  1. February : xQI Smart Converter
  2. March : BuyBack Mechanism
  3. April: xQI autocompounders

The overall goal is to keep xQI attractive, and to do so, xQI needs to be able to convert back to QI at a healthy ratio, and to continue growing veQi in order for the program to expand. The product in itself is self sustainable, but the bigger the pool, the better the rewards !

The xQi is still the only place to earn with QI as of today on Avalanche. We understand the concern around xQI ratio, and therefore have decided that, as VTX would benefit from the xQI program expanding, VTX will use part of its yield to buy xQI from the open market and stake it, essentialy blackholing it, and securing on-going future yield for LVTX.


Over the past two years, xPTP has had both moments of success, as well as moments of concerns for the viability of the program. We have carefully considered the possible outcomes for these pools and the xPTP program. As the HUM airdrop is still on-going, and is a good foundation for Athena - a sister protocol of Vector that VTX holders have received interest in - the xPTPprogram still has a purpose.

Hence the Platypus Main pools will be deployed on our website with adequate warnings in order for our users to understand the risk, before the end of February.

However, once the airdrop is finished, we will reexamine the xPTP program based on :

  • Price action
  • PTP community activity
  • Platypus development activities.


zJOE is a product that over the past months has become more and more complex, with the release of cross-chain yield from sJOE as well as the ability to benefit from Moe yield on Merchant Moe. The Vector team will continue to work into the different developments possibilities around Joe, sJoe, and Moe, in order to make this as seamless an integration as possible, and to bring as much value as possible to zJOE holders.

This means building an automated mechanism to bridge yield from Mantle to Avalanche, as well as developing the partnerships on Mantle on behalf of the protocol.


Vector has been originally created as a yield aggregator on Platypus and TraderJoe ve-program. The protocol has since then adapted to the market conditions and evolutions of these programs. Vector’s team has continuously tried to improve the protocol with different expansions, creating a sister project with airdrop to original holders, expanding across chain, with sometimes mitigated success. From each of these endeavours, we have learnt, and have become more robust.

We foresee that in Q2, once the xQI program is completely enabled thanks to the innovations we have in store, we will be able to develop a new integration for Vector.

We will also be pushing website and UI updates to reflect the changes to the products and the protocol. Before Q2, we have decided to push for a new design and content update that will clarify Vector and make it simple for new users to understand the value proposition. We actively encourage any suggestions from the community on what to add!

We will make sure that we live up to our community’s expectations, giving what our community deserves: the best experience in DeFi, simple, and effective.

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