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2 min readMay 18, 2023


With the news that Trader Joe is sunsetting their veJOE program, the question becomes what this means for Vector and zJOE. This article details the future of zJOE on Vector!

What will happen to zJOE?

The Vector team has been discussing the end of veJOE internally and with the community for months now. We’re excited to have some news around the future of zJOE.

Some background

Trader Joe introduced veJOE in January 2022. Vector launched our zJOE program soon afterwards to great success. Users were able to convert their JOE to zJOE permanently and earned VTX and JOE for doing so. Vector emitted a large amount of VTX to acquire the amount of JOE it has — this JOE was never intended to leave the protocol, and likely never will.

Our goal with zJOE has always been to bring the best yield for holders.

Next Steps

Since the launch of veJOE, the Trader Joe team has launched sJOE staking on both Avalanche and Arbitrum. sJOE receives the majority of the protocol’s fees and now receives rewards for their LB pools.

With the end of veJOE, we plan to shift our zJOE product from veJOE staking, to sJOE staking on Avalanche.

We also have plans to build a cross-chain sJOE staker which finds the best yield between Avalanche, Arbitrum and other chains if Trader Joe deploys on them. Staking rewards will then be passed along to zJOE stakers! Think of it as a liquid staking wrapper for JOE.

The zJOE Ratio

Regarding the zJOE ratio, which is a major concern of many, if we switch to an sJOE model, this means we’ll be able to unstake as we wish. This will allow us to come up with various ways to boost the ratio and bring it closer to parity.

The end of veJOE on Vector

This isn’t a situation we thought we’d be in, and is not easy for our team, Vector tokenholders, or zJOE holders alike. That being said, we strive to find the best solution for all and are confident that this will provide the best path forward for all parties. We are excited to build the eminent staking product for JOE via our cross-chain solution and believe it will bring significant value back to VTX and zJOE holders alike.

Thank you all for your patience and contribution to discussions over the past several months!

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