Unlock the Power of Locked VTX: Vector’s New Rewards for Top Lockers!

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3 min readSep 14, 2023

Vector Finance is thrilled to introduce a new rewards program for our most loyal lockers. It’s time to celebrate your commitment and dedication to the Vector community with the opportunity to win 25,000 VTX every month! We value your trust and want to give back to those who have shown unwavering support. Our starting snapshot was taken this week, and now is the time to get those VTX locked up! The first contest snapshot will be taken October 26th, 2023.

Our new reward program is uniquely structured into two categories, opening the doors for more lockers to participate and win. Here’s everything you need to know to get involved:

Category 1: the Bag Grower

Are you consistently growing your VTX bag and locking it? Here’s your chance to turn that consistency into a big reward.


- Minimum Locking Requirement: You must lock at least 500 VTX each month.

  • Rewarding Criteria: The top locker with the largest percentage increase of locking between months will win. (For newcomers with zero locked VTX, we will assume a starting position of 500 locked VTX: that means locking 1,000 VTX during the month would equal a 100% increase.)
  • The Prize: A grand total of 12,500 Locked VTX for the one who rises to the top!

The percentage increase gives an equal chance to everyone, regardless of the amount you start with. It’s all about growing your commitment.

Category 2: the Big Locker

If you believe in exponential growth and have been adding more and more VTX to your locked funds, this category is for you.


  • Rewarding Criteria: The top locker with the largest absolute increase month to month will win.
  • The Prize: Another 12,500 Locked VTX awaits the champion of this category!

Absolute increase rewards the tangible growth in your locked VTX. If you’re continually locking more VTX and have been supporting us for awhile, this is your chance to shine.

How Winners Will Be Determined

  • Methodology: The winners for each category will be determined by Snapshot, ensuring a transparent and accurate selection process. Note: Unlocking VTX will not be counted towards your count! Only locked VTX in the manual and autocompounding pools will be counted.
  • Comparing Results: We will compare month-to-month results to find the top performers in both categories.
  • Leaderboard Announcement: Stay tuned for a future release where we will build and show a leaderboard for each category, making the competition even more thrilling!

The establishing snapshot has happened, so now is the time to lock up VTX! The first contest snapshot will be taken on October 26th, 2023 and winners will be announced soon afterward. This locking contest will be an ongoing one, and we’ll announce the details for each round with our winners.

Join Us Today

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be rewarded for your unwavering faith in Vector Finance. Start locking your VTX today, track your growth, and stand a chance to win these exclusive rewards.

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