The Launch of Vector Finance

Vector Finance
3 min readFeb 26, 2022

Vector Finance officially launches on February 27th at 6PM UTC. We’ve been audited by Omniscia, whitelisted by the Platypus Finance team, and now are ready to go live!

Make sure to take part in our PTP Rush Program during the launch where you’ll receive boosted rewards for converting your PTP to xPTP on our platform. As well, take advantage of our double rewards farm on Trader Joe for VTX/AVAX! There are plenty of ways in which you can participate in the launch, with everything you need to know outlined in this article.

PTP Rush Program — Boosted Rewards for Early Converters

Get your PTP ready! We’re turning up the dial on our launch by amplifying every PTP deposited onto our protocol with even more VTX rewards than normal.

We’ll be rewarding users that convert their PTP to xPTP and stake on our platform with additional rewards of our governance and revenue-sharing token — VTX. We’ve allocated over 2 million VTX from our bonus emission pool to be distributed until the first 2 million PTP are converted on our site. The highest rewards will come at the onset, so the earlier you convert, the more rewards you will receive! Only time will tell how long it will take for the program to end 😈.

Bonus emissions start on March 3rd at 6PM UTC!

Once all VTX from the PTP Rush program have been emitted, we’ll move to a logarithmic emission schedule as outlined here in our Gitbook docs, so don’t miss out on this boosted reward early on!

Double Reward Farm on Trader Joe

From March 2nd to March 17th, Trader Joe will be rewarding VTX/AVAX liquidity pool token holders with JOE and additional VTX on a double reward farm. You can participate by adding VTX/AVAX liquidity on Trader Joe and then staking that on the farm. By doing so, you will accrue both JOE and VTX as rewards. With the VTX earned, you can then stake or lock that VTX on our site to earn even more rewards from our protocol performance fee.

Other Ways to Participate in The Launch

Once we’re live on February 27th at 6PM UTC, you’ll be able to purchase VTX token from the open market! Our app will also be live at this time and you will be able to deposit your stablecoins on Vector to start earning boosted yield thanks to our accrued vePTP as well as our VTX bonus rewards. You will also be able to provide liquidity for xPTP/PTP on Trader Joe and receive a share of our VTX rewards pool.


Vector Finance is starting the PTP Party off with a bang:

  • Participate in our PTP Rush event! It runs until 2 million PTP is converted
  • Higher rewards will be given out to early converters!
  • Receive double rewards of JOE and VTX for providing VTX/AVAX liquidity on on Trader Joe from March 2nd through March 17th
  • Start earning boosted yield for your stablecoins on February 27th at 6PM UTC!

Connect With us!

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