Platypus Finance Compensation (Round #1)

Vector Finance
2 min readMar 16, 2023


If you were a depositor on Vector Finance and affected by the exploit of Platypus Finance’s pools, we have some good news: the first round of compensation will be available for you to claim very soon.

Claims will go live on Friday, March 17th at 4PM UTC.

Platypus Finance has transferred the first round of recovered funds to the Vector Finance multisig. The Vector team has been diligently building a recovery page so users can claim their share of the compensation funds.

Affected users can now review their claim amounts on:

If you are having any issues viewing your claim amount please reach out to us on our Discord using the “Support Request” channel. For this first round of recovery, the claim amount should be approximately 52% of your initial deposit. Both values are shown on the recovery page.

What else should you know?

Our goal is to return compensation funds to you as quickly as possible. This is round #1, and there will be more rounds in the future based on Platypus Finance’s recovery plans. As a reminder, 52% of the funds have been recovered so far. Additionally, follow us on Twitter and Discord for updates on future compensation rounds and other news.

If you were a builder who deposited on Vector Finance, you will need to upgrade your contract to claim the compensation. If you have any issues, you can contact us on our Discord by reaching out via the “Support Request” channel.

The Platypus Finance team continues in their effort to recover as much of the exploited funds as possible. They most recently have submitted an update to the Aave governance forum to recover funds that were sent to their contracts and are working with all relevant parties on the effort to recoup the remaining assets.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through this together!