Introducing Breakfast Finance

Vector Finance
2 min readNov 29, 2023

Today we’re thrilled to serve up the latest scoop on our newest project in alpha — a tasty blend that we believe will sweeten your experience on the BNB chain. The Vector Finance team is whisking up something extraordinary in the DeFi kitchen.

What’s cooking?

Take a ton of innovation, a big heap of our rich expertise, and a mix it all together what do you get? Breakfast Finance, our freshly-baked protocol designed to drizzle maximum potential over veCAKE from Pancakeswap.

All the details — coming soon!

In the coming weeks, we’ll be plating up a stack of scrumptious details about Breakfast Finance.

Get ready to feast on the savory aspects of our protocol, the mouth-watering launch details, our rich tokenomics, and the unique features that make Breakfast taste great.


To keep your appetites whetted: watch for the news about our inaugural event, CakeRush, tomorrow! It’s the first course of an extraordinary meal, and you have a front-row seat at our breakfast table.

Stay tuned for a journey sprinkled with innovation and topped with excitement at Breakfast Finance!

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