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With the successful launch of Athena Finance on the METIS network, we’re eager to share details about the upcoming airdrop for locked VTX holders and xPTP stakers.

Athena Finance’s native token, ATH, will be distributed to locked VTX holders, and our derivative token for locked HUM will be allocated to both locked VTX holders and xPTP stakers. We’ve outlined the specifics below.

What’s being distributed?

A substantial segment of Hummus Finance’s HUM token supply has been assigned to Vector due to our vePTP holdings on Platypus Finance. This supply of HUM has been conferred to Athena Finance for conversion into xHUM and then locked on Hummus indefinitely. The derivative token, xHUM, will be divided equally between xPTP stakers and VTX lockers.

As a token of gratitude, Vector’s locked VTX holders will receive 6% of the total token supply of Athena Finance’s ATH token. This ATH will be issued to VTX lockers over 12 months in installments of locked ATH. We expect many Vector users will be keen to use and deposit tokens on Athena, and to explore other protocols on Metis. The majority of the protocol’s fees will go to xHUM stakers and ATH lockers.

How can I ensure I’m eligible?

To qualify for these distributions, you must have staked xPTP, provided xPTP/PTP liquidity, or locked VTX on Vector Finance. Over the next 12 months, we will capture 12 random snapshots to determine which addresses, based on their staking or locking, are eligible. The amount of tokens staked or locked will determine your share.

The first snapshot

The initial snapshot will be taken on Thursday, June 22, at 2 PM UTC. The subsequent 11 snapshots will be taken randomly over the following months. If you don’t have locked VTX or staked xPTP during one of these snapshots, you won’t be eligible for the airdrop.

Where and when can I claim?

The airdrop claims for both xHUM and locked ATH will commence on the METIS network at, under the Airdrop tab, starting Monday, June 27.

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