Exploring the New Wave of Ve-Tokenomics: A Deep Dive into Leading Protocols

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The landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) is evolving with the emergence of vote escrow tokenomics. In the world of DeFi, ve-tokens have become a unique way to align stakeholders, enhance yield, and govern protocols. In this post, we explore some leading protocols that have embraced this innovative token model.


Ve-token: vePendle

Usage: lock up PENDLE to earn vePENDLE


  • vePENDLE holders determine incentive channeling.
  • vePENDLE holders earn from the platform fee and swaps rewards.
  • vePENDLE holders have their LP rewards boosted.

Mux Network

Ve-token: veMUX


  • Lock MCB to earn protocol rewards in ETH and MUX
  • Vest veMUX to receive MUX rewards and convert them to MCB


veMUX receives direct rewards from Mux Network’s usage, translating to real yield for veMUX holders.

Glacier Finance

Ve-token: veGLCR

Use: Lock up GLCR to earn veGLCR


  • veGLCR holders receive rewards from the protocol fees.
  • veGLCR holders receive bribes for voting.
  • veGLCR holders govern the protocol’s future.
  • veGLCR is an NFT, making it sellable/transferable.

Introducing Mantissa Finance

Mantissa Finance is a next generation stableswap from Polygon, and coming to Polygon zkEVM. They have a unique ve-token model we wanted to highlight.

Ve-token: veMNTS


  • Earned by locking up Balancer style 80/20 pool tokens.
  • Ensures deep liquidity for MNTS.
  • veMNTS positions will be tradable on their marketplace.

Benefits for veMNTS holders:

  • Boosted LP rewards, including for aggregators.
  • Governance power through voting rights.
  • Determine gauge voting and receive bribes.
  • Rewards from future products.


The above protocols are carving a niche within the DeFi space by leveraging vote escrow tokenomics. Each brings its unique approach and benefits. Among them, Mantissa Finance’s multifaceted model offers an intriguing path forward, providing stakeholders with numerous ways to engage and benefit.

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