Bribes and New Locker Design

Bribes / Voting Gauges

What are voting gauges?

What’s the benefit of voting?

  1. Users of Platypus & Vector will now have a say in how PTP emissions are directed. This means you can vote for your favorite pools that you like to stake in
  2. Voting gauges also give protocols who have tokens listed on Platypus the opportunity to further bolster their liquidity. These protocols will be able to “bribe” users to vote their way, so that they receive more PTP emissions.
  3. Locked VTX holders will be able to receive revenue from these bribes. Vector will distribute the revenue proportionally to the pools that users are staked in.

How can I vote?

What if I don’t want to actively manage my voting power?

New Locker Design and Migration

  • Lock your VTX at any time
  • By locking VTX, users receive revenue-sharing rewards (in xPTP & zJOE), as well as VTX rewards
  • By locking VTX, users can also participate in voting gauges on Platypus and receive bribe rewards
  • VTX can be unlocked at any time, triggering a 4 week unlocking period
  • Locking rewards (revenue sharing and VTX emissions) will still be received during the unlocking period
  • Bribes will not be received during this time

What if I currently have locked VTX?

What if my lock period is currently more than 4 weeks?

  1. Migrate to new locker with the box unchecked under the “Migrate to unlock slot” column

What if my lock period is currently less than 4 weeks?

  1. Stay locked and continue receiving all benefits of locking, but now if you unlock, it will trigger a 4 week unlock period. To do this, uncheck the box and click “Migrate to New Locker”

What if I have VTX with a lock period that is complete?

How do I lock my VTX?

How do I unlock my VTX?

Will I still receive yield during the unlocking period?

How do I migrate my VTX to the new locker?


What else is coming?



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