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2 min readApr 1, 2022


No fooling around today for us, devs are too busy doing something. 👏

🧑‍💻 We made a big push to the site this morning with several updates. Let’s get to the biggest one first…

Compound your rewards

You can now claim and compound all of your staking rewards with one button. That means fewer transactions, less time wasted, and maximized rewards for you. 🙌

This will make life easier for users, and will help drive more PTP to be converted on Vector. Particularly if stablecoin depositors opt to compound and join us in the xPTP staking party! 🙂

How does it work?

  1. We claim your rewards for all your deposits and staked pools.
  2. Then, your PTP rewards are automagically converted to xPTP.
  3. Next, we stake your xPTP into xPTP staking and VTX into VTX staking
  4. (Optional) If you’d like to lock your VTX you can do so after compounding from the “Lock” tab.

All this in one sleek “Compound” button, which can be found on the “Claim” tab. Once you’ve approved the use of your PTP, xPTP, and VTX you can compound all those rewards at once! 📈

Check out our docs for more info on compounding.

Other improvements

We’ve also made several other updates to the site we know you’ll love, like adding informational toasts, moving the ability to stake VTX to the “Stake” tab, and some other clean up on the UI.

Informational Toasts

🍞 You’ll also notice we’ve added informational “toasts” to the site. These are notifications that pop up on the top right of the screen which let you know what the site is doing (when updating your token balance for example), info about your transactions, or any errors.

Stake VTX on that tab

Want to stake your VTX? Now you’ll do so from the “Stake” tab. Only makes sense, amirite? You’ll still lock VTX under the “Lock” tab, speaking of which… have you seen that APR? 👀

Always building

🛠 Finally, we made a number of other small improvements and clean ups to the site. Let us know your feedback in our Discord!

More updates and features are coming. This team will not stop building.

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